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Tiktok License Agreement

TikTok and the U.S.-based National Music Publishers` Association (NMPA) have entered into a multi-year licensing agreement. TikTok has announced a new deal with Sony Music Entertainment to make songs from the world`s second largest music company widely released on the abbreviated video app, announced in a blog post Monday morning. The terms are a legally binding agreement between you and us. Please take the time to read them carefully and if you don`t agree, please don`t register, access or use the services. You ensure and guarantee that: (i) you own the user content you post on or via the Services or you have the right to grant the rights and licenses under these Terms; (ii) the publication and use of your user content on or through services does not violate, abuse or infringe the rights of third parties, including data protection rights, advertising rights, intellectual property rights, trademark rights and/or other intellectual property rights; and (iii) You have the right and the ability to enter into these conditions in your jurisdiction. The arbitrator, and not any federal, regional or governing tribunal, will have the exclusive power to resolve all disputes relating to interpretation, applicability, safety, arbitration, opposability or the constitution of this arbitration agreement, including all claims that all or part of this arbitration agreement is null or void. However, the above sentence does not apply to the “Renounce Class Action Waiver” section below. TikTok has so far signed several other contracts, including with Merlin, a large group of independent labels. But the company still seems to be trying to reach agreements with Warner and Universal. In combination with Sony, these three represent the majority of the music market in the United States, so it is essential that TikTok finally reach more lasting agreements with them. Billboard had previously reported that TikTok had entered into short-term licensing agreements with the three majors earlier this year, but that these agreements were “significantly shorter” than typical agreements. Specific rules for musical works and recording artists. If you are a composer or author of a musical work and you are linked to a PRO, you must inform your PRO of the free license you grant us in your user content through these conditions.

You are solely responsible for complying with the PRO`s reporting obligations. If you have transferred your rights to a music publisher, you must obtain permission from such a music publishing house in order to grant the unlicensed licenses provided in these Terms in your Content of Use or to have such a music edition registered with us under these conditions. Just because you have written a musical work (z.B. a song) does not mean that you have the right to grant us the licenses under these conditions. If you are a host artist associated with a label, you are solely responsible for the use of the services in accordance with the contractual obligations you may have with your label, including when you create new recordings on services that can be claimed by your label. And this abbreviated period, they said, is because of TikTok`s struggle to monetize the content. The app has not put in place a consistent way to make money for creators, and the amount it pays to musical artists has long been a matter of controversy.

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