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Service Level Agreement Datenschutz

Scholderer GmbH uses a live chat from Userlike UG (limitation of liability), Probsteigasse 44-46, 50670 Cologne, Germany. You can use live chat as a contact form to chat almost in real time with our collaborators. When the chat is launched, the following personal data is provided: `Date and time of call`, `URL of the site visited previously`, `quantity of data sent` . And if stated: first name, name, and email address. Depending on how the interview with our employees unfolds, other personal data can be generated on the chat and recorded by you. The nature of this data depends heavily on your request or the problem you present to us. The processing of all this data serves to provide you with quick and efficient contact and thus improve our customer service. All of our employees have been and will be trained about data protection and have been informed about the safe and trusting processing of customer data. All our employees are bound to confidentiality and have signed in their personnel contracts an addition to the obligation of confidentiality and respect for data protection. By calling the website, the chat widget is loaded into a JavaScript file from AWS Cloudfront.

The chat widget technically represents the source code that runs on your computer and allows chat. In addition, Scholderer GmbH records the live chats for a period of 1 month. The aim is to avoid many explanations about the history of your request as well as the constant control of the quality of our live chat offer. Treatment is therefore authorized in accordance with Article 6, paragraph 1, of the RGPD. If you don`t want to, you can let us know in the contact details below. The recorded live chats will then be immediately deleted by us. The storage of chat data is also intended to ensure the security of our computer systems. This is also where our legitimate interest lies, which is why treatment is authorized by Article 6, paragraph 1, under f. f RGPD. More information can be found in the Userlike UG `limitation of liability` privacy policy.

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