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Google Llc Domain Name Registration Agreement

If we are prosecuted or threatened with legal action, administrative proceedings or other legal or administrative procedures relating to the services available to you, we may contact you to compensate us and keep us free of claims and expenses (including legal and legal fees). Under these conditions, you agree to receive a performance obligation from a serious bond company or, if you are unable to obtain a performance obligation, deposit money with us to pay our reasonably expected expenses for the coming year. This down payment is deducted in case of a fee, with all account messages sent to THE WHOIS contact information associated with your domain name and/or account. We are not required to renew a credit for these expenses and we may terminate services for failure to make or renew such a deposit. We will return each unused down payment after three (3) months from the deposit or closing of the case. .army, .navy, .airforce: By registering a domain in one or one of these TLDs, you declare that you will take appropriate steps to prevent you or your company from being bound, sponsored or supported by one or more military forces of a country or government if such affiliation, sponsorship or support does not exist. If we terminate or suspend the services provided to you under this Agreement, we may, depending on our choice, make ourselves either ourselves or a third party the recipient of services that essentially resemble those that have been made available to you before. If we have reasons to suspend or suspend services regarding a domain name or other services provided through your account, we may terminate or suspend all services provided through your account. use for the identity of another person or organization, for example. B redirect a domain to another website without permission and/or use a domain to send fraudulent or abusive emails; We may refuse your request to register domain names or, for whatever reason, cease to provide services to you within 30 days of an initiation or service renewal, including, but not limited to, the reasons contained in our Usage Policy, which may be changed from time to time at our sole discretion.

Outside of these deadlines, we may at any time refuse, suspend or suspend services for the following reasons, including blocking, blocking or a status similar to that of Transferlock, which includes without restriction: (i) the registration of prohibited domain names; (ii) misuse of services; (iii) payment irregularities or fraudulent payment information; (iv) allegations of unlawful conduct or violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties or other rights, including violations of our terms of use; (v) is not able to properly and maintain your account or RDDS information; (vi) did not respond to requests from us for five (5) calendar days; (vii) alleged, alleged or actual violations of the sanctions legislation under Section 6 B below; or (viii) if your use of the Services includes us in an alleged violation or violation of the rights of third parties or the Terms of Use of third parties, including, but not exclusively, the transmission of unwanted emails or the alleged violation or violation of an intellectual property or other right.

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